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Imam: Hafith Abdul Hannan

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Iqama Times

13-19 Dec 2014

Fajr : 6:15am
Dhuhr : 12:30pm
Asr : 2:15pm
Maghrib : 4:30pm
Isha : 7:00pm
Jumu’ah : 1:10pm


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Sister's Monthly Halaqa w/Sister Tammy

No registration required
Cost: Free

A sister’s circle led by Tammy Elmansoury covering aspects of the Prophet Muhammad’s Sunna, peace be upon him using the book Tahdhib al-Akhlaq by Shaykh Abdul-Hayy al-Hasani.


Full Schedule
Oct 3 Love for the Family of the Prophet peace be upon him
Nov 7 Love for the Companions may Allah preserve them
Dec 5 Love and Hate for the Sake of Allah
Jan 2 Off
Feb 6 Respect for the Sanctity of Muslims
Mar 6 Off
Apr 3 Earning a Livelihood and Manual Labor
May 1 Refraining from Asking Others